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New Visa Policy for Afghani Patients:

Government of India
Ministry of Home Affairs
30-June-2014 17:42 IST
Visa Policy for Afghan Nationals Streamlined
The Government is introducing a new liberal visa policy for Afghan nationals to stay in India on humanitarian grounds for two years w.e.f. July 01, 2014. The new policy further streamlines procedures being implemented in the current visa policy for citizens of Afghanistan.

The broad elements of the policy are:-

  • Government may allow Afghan nationals to stay in India on stay visa/resident permit upto two years at a time.
  • Exemption from police reporting will be granted for Afghan nationals, upto the age of 12 years or those above 65 years of age.
  •  There would be liberal provisions in relation to exemption from the requirement of police reporting under various categories, including for Afghan students, medical patients, short-term visitors, businessmen, scholars, eminent persons etc.

The amenities at Foreigner Regional Registration Office (FRRO), Delhi have been upgraded for the Afghan nationals visiting FRRO office. A system of biometric enrolment and photography would be introduced to ensure that such facilities are not misused by unscrupulous elements.

ISIS success story from Africa

ivf-africaTrois Mois du bébé Théophile :: FROM AFRICA!
Dear Dr Shivani and Team at ISIS Hospital and Joseph
Thank you very much for the bottom of our hearts for our bundle of joy. After many years of trying and heartbreak now our hearts are full of joy
May you continue your good work for many others

Grateful parents

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Male Factors in Infertility

More often than not, when looking at infertility, it is often believed to be a “Women’s issue”, with the female partner having numerous tests to discover the cause.

It often comes as a huge shock to discover not only does the male partner contribute to infertility, studies indicate that 35% of infertility is related to male factor problems such as structural abnormalities, sperm production disorders, ejaculatory disturbances and immunologic disorders.

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Egg Quality and Pregnancy.

Fertility isn’t fair. It doesn’t matter how fit you are; how young you look or your family history – your egg quality will diminish with age.

A woman is born with about one million eggs, but by the time she has her first period she has lost 60 % of this reserve. These remaining eggs lie dormant inside a woman’s ovaries, waiting to become activated by hormones, during the monthly cycle (if the woman is going through in vitro fertilization, or IVF, the eggs become activated by hormone treatments used to induce ovulation).

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Sperm Quality and Miscarriage

Does sperm quality impact on embryo quality and miscarriage? If you look at the research, you would be mistaken in thinking that everything is dependent on the age of the mother and ova quality, but you would be mistaken.

Half of the chromosomal information for your embryo comes from the father.  There is evidence to suggest that recurrent miscarriages seem to involve the father having a high incidence of abnormal chromosomes in his sperm– especially in men whose sperm show abnormal morphology or other markers of low fertility.

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