Sperm Quality and Miscarriage

By | January 5, 2014

Does sperm quality impact on embryo quality and miscarriage? If you look at the research, you would be mistaken in thinking that everything is dependent on the age of the mother and ova quality, but you would be mistaken.

Half of the chromosomal information for your embryo comes from the father.  There is evidence to suggest that recurrent miscarriages seem to involve the father having a high incidence of abnormal chromosomes in his sperm– especially in men whose sperm show abnormal morphology or other markers of low fertility.

It is also worth noting that Low morphology can also be an indicator for other problems (sperm DNA fragmentation and/or chromosomally-abnormal sperm).

There is also recent evidence to suggest that paternal age over 40 has an impact on the DNA of the sperm and could be linked to higher miscarriage rates.


Dr. J. K. Sherman
University of Arkansas study of 1000 children whose mothers were artificially inseminated with sperm from men whose sperm counts were above 80 million per milliliter.
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January 7, 1979

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